Dramis Ammirati e Associati is a team of specialised lawyers with many years of experience in labour law, union law and industrial relations.

The areas of activity of Dramis Ammirati e Associati include:

  • consultancy in all areas of labour law (in particular, contract drafting, worker relationship management and individual and collective dismissals)
  • consultancy in union law and industrial relations
  • social-security law
  • assistance in the event of inspections and relations with social-security agencies and authorities
  • assistance for Italian and multinational companies in restructuring, reorganisation and outsourcing processes, working alongside company management or with direct management of the related union procedures (from preparation of the negotiating strategy with union organisations to negotiation of agreements, including the final phases and formalities)
  • company transfers and management of the related union procedures
  • due diligence
  • direct management of litigation throughout Italy
  • daily on-demand consultancy (by telephone and e-mail) concerning labour law issues, human resources management, privacy and safety
  • assistance for top management
  • participation in national collective contract renewals
  • collaboration with employers’ associations on labour law issues
  • training and updates, including on site

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